CTS Machine Key Manufacturer

Large Order Process:

CTS Machine Key processes large orders in the following sequence. A notification of the completion of each step is either emailed or faxed to the customer to ensure satisfactory communication and timely delivery. 

  1. PERFORMA INVOICE: Upon the receipt of customer’s Purchase Order for machine key product, CTS will issue a Performa Invoice and request a deposit of the order.
  2. DEPOSIT: Manufacturing starts when the receipt of the deposit is received and the payment is confirmed. 
  3. PRODUCTION: Manufacturing of machine keys will be completed within the number of days specified in the Quote.
  4. DELIVERY: CTS Machine Key will notify the customer delivery date of order and issue a final Invoice with balance to be paid. Delivery date is the date product is shipped to appointed international carrier that is agreed by both CTS and customer.
  5. BILL OF LADING: Upon the receipt of balance payment, a Bill of Lading will be issued to customer. The Bill of Lading is required for customer’s import clearance in destination country.

Packaging of Machine Keys:

CTS can ship machine key orders to any location worldwide. Machine keys are packaged with sturdy cardboard boxes on wooden pallets. Machine keys are carefully packaged and organized by type and size with labels. Each fumigated wooden pallet is stamped. A certificate of fumigation is optional and can be provided for an additional fee. 

Documentation Provided with Machine Keys:

The following documents will be provided with the products:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Certificate of Origin (optional, with additional fee)
  3. Bill of Lading
  4. Packing List
  5. Insurance Certificate (if applicable)
  6. Material Certificate
  7. Quality Inspection Report
  8. Certificate of Fumigation (optional, with additional fee)

CTS Delivery Service:

CTS Machine Key will send an email notification to the customer for each step of the order process, to insure the customer is always well informed. When products are shipped, a set of photos showing the packaging will be emailed to the customer for reference. Many of our first-time customers enjoy this special service. Example of a customer who purchased DIN6885A parallel keys.


CTS Specialty Keys:

We can create custom shaft keys, industrial machinery keys and more.

Because we are both a shaft key manufacturer and offer wholesale custom shaft keys

you can be assured we will give you the best price.