Buy machine key stock material direct from the manufacturer and save

CTS manufactures parallel machine keys and sells direct to you. By buying from the manufacturer, not an online distributor, you get parallel machines keys at a much lower cost.

We will email you a price quote — just add the kinds of machine keys you need to a shopping cart on this site and click the Request a Quote button.

CTS has ready-to-ship key stock in the sizes shown on this site, or can custom-make key stock in any size or material you need  — just tell us your specifications using our email form.

Machine Key Stock

Machine Key Stock

We manufacture machine key stock in S45C carbon steel, SS304 stainless steel, or ANY material you need.

We have square key stock and round key stock.

What is Key Stock Used For?

Key stock is used to make machine keys, the metal keys used to join shafts to gears, wheels, pulleys and similar parts. Rather than buy machine keys in specific ready-made lengths, you can instead buy machine key stock in longer lengths and cut it into the smaller lengths you need. Key stock is made of various metals, including steel and stainless steel, in different widths and heights.